In the beginning, God loved Earth and breathed Life into her. And Life and Earth became one – EarthLife. As goes Earth, goes Life. And as goes Life, goes Earth. Each leads and follows the other. EarthLife.

If Life were uniform, it would, in time, use up all the nutrients Earth has to offer. Life must, therefore, be diverse, consuming a variety of resources.

But beyond that, for Life to be continuous, resources must ultimately be reused and recycled. Thus the cycle of Life – plants, grazers, predators, microbes, and back to plants. Prey and predator are equally critical to Life.

A planet changes over time, from its fiery molten beginning to some final fate tied to the life and death of its star. Life cannot be designed to perfectly fit all of the conditions yet to come on its planet, so Life is designed by God to evolve as needed to react to ever-changing conditions, and to thrive in each new stage of a planet’s lifetime.

There is one Life on Earth. EarthLife. It is a continuously optimizing community of living things. Each operating independently, but each also operating within, and affecting, the community. None are good or bad, higher or lower. All are equal members of the same community. Predator and prey are partners in Life. That’s how Life lives on.

Man evolved from and within the EarthLife community. As a living being, Man does not live above or apart from EarthLife. However, there is one thing that sets Man apart.

Man alone has evolved the ability to become spiritual, and to become at one with God.

However, individuals can attain an immortal soul only by exercising Man’s one unique capability. The one thing that sets Man apart from all other animals.

What truly differentiates Man from Animal is that Man is capable of consciously making a decision to refrain from taking. Man is capable of consciously choosing voluntary interaction, in cooperation with others, to satisfy needs.

Man can choose to Trade, not Take.

Man can choose to live by the rule “Thou shalt Not Steal”.

Not everyone makes that choice. But, to actually make that choice, and live that choice, is what it takes to be fully, truly Human.

And to be fully, truly Human is what it takes to attain an immortal soul and to become at one with God.