We all feel that Man is dramatically different from all the other Animals.

Is it just because we are smarter?

Well, we might be the best at being smart, but we’re not the only animals with intelligence. Being ‘the best’ is not the same as being ‘the only’.

We’re not the only animals that make tools, or communicate, or live in social groups, or build homes.

What is it that is uniquely Human?

All living things need space to live, and things to consume, in competition with others. Aside from Man, living things simply take what they need.

What truly differentiates Man from Animal is that Man is capable of consciously making a decision to refrain from taking. Man is capable of consciously choosing voluntary interaction, in cooperation with others, to satisfy needs.

Man can choose to Trade, not Take.

Man can choose to live by the rule “Thou Shalt Not Steal”.

Not everyone makes that choice. But, to actually make that choice, and live that choice, is what it takes for Man to be fully, truly Human.


originally published on a Veresapiens blog